After completing the studies in Translation in 2012 I started a Master’s Degree in Translation and TechnoloSolanich_Irenegies at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, finished in 2014. Eventually, I studied a second a Master Degree on Specialized Translation in Universitat de Vic to help me get into a PhD programme, which I have started on 2016 investigating on crime and mystery novels in Catalonia, specifically about La Negra, a collection published by La Magrana.

Since childhood I knew that my vocation was between letters and books. I grew up surrounded by stories and adventures and soon I showed a great passion for reading and writing. When I grew up my passion for lettersevolved into the languages ​​and this was the fact that pushed me to become a translator.

However, I have other hobbies. I am a great fan of cinema. I like mysteries, detective stories and murders and fantasy fairy tales. But while I love books and home life I also try to find my time to do some hiking. I have recentlystarted in the world of climbing.

I am currently participating in a project that we have created with some colleagues. It is a literary magazine that can be visited in L’escriba. I combine this activity working as a freelance translator and proofreader, and with the writing and correction of articles in the magazine El Cinèfil.
Although it may seem that I’m always busy, I can also find some free time for personal projects, usually related to my profession and passion.

You can download my curriculum here:   documento-icono-de-clip-art_414295